3 most famous Beagles in history


Charles Schulz’s creation, with the first debut in 1950 as Charlie Browns Pet dog and famous for sleeping on top of his dog house and for his smart approach to life. Charlie Brown refers to him as a hunting dog, that searches an easy way in life. Snoopy was also made famous on a stamp as a World War I Flying Ace.


Jim Davises made Odie’s debut in 1970 as one of the Garfield characters and is Jon Arbuckle’s roommate. Garfield does take a lot of advantage out of Odie, which he sees as less intelligent than him, which always results in Odie being hurt or his food been stolen. 


Gromit is one of the key characters from the famous series Wallace and Gromit. He is a silent character that talks in body language and possesses a degree in engineering, cooks and reads the newspaper. 

The is now cheese from Wensleydale in Gromit and Wallace packaging and when Were-Rabbit showed included Stinking Bishop cheese, the sales of the cheese went up by 500%.

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