Feeding your beagle home food

The amount of home food to give to a beagle is a discussed topic among owners as beagle diet's blogs across the net can testify. Nevertheless, food quantities and doses vary according to age (a young beagle needs more food), sterilization, movement during the day, and any existing pathologies. (https://barkercise.com/beagle-exercise-requirements/)

It is therefore essential to get the help of a veterinarian, who can advise and provide precise indications to the required diet and associated changes over time. As with humans and based on the beagle's reaction over time, increasing or decreasing the quantity and changing the proportion of nutrients is vital.

How do portion household food for our beagle:

Generally speaking, an average beagle ​​that goes out for walks three to four times a day, can start from an amount between 2.5% - 3% of body weight divided into 2 daily meals, with changes applied as required. 

The proportion of nutrients must be divided as follows: 

50-60% protein (meat or fish)

30% carbohydrates (rice, pasta or potatoes) 

Rest can be shared between fruit or vegetables.

(Please calculate your treats within these amounts)

As an example:

Beagle weight 16Kg

Planed food intake: 3% ---> 480g

Prime Beef muscle: 55% ---> 480g times 55% = 264g

Rice/Pasta or potatoes: --> 480g times 30% = 144g 

Apples/Carrots et al: --> 72g (480g total - 264g beef - 144g Rice/Past = 72g

As treats we always use either carrots or chicken, which need to be part of the portions mentioned above

We always advise beagle owners to discuss any dietary requirements with a veterinarian beforehand. Sometimes the diet can vary from dog to dog depending on age, lifestyle and sterilization and commercial solution can be more advised for the wellbeing of the beagle.

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